How to Keep Your Baby Safe When Sleeping

When you have kids, and especially young kids or babies, one of the most adorable moments is when they are sleeping. And not necessarily because this is the only time they are quiet, but because they look cute when they sleep.

This, plus the constant worrying of mothers about their babies being safe while they’re sleeping, causes that many times mothers and fathers spend hours in front of their babies just watching them sleep, to make sure they are safe.

Keep Your Baby Safe When Sleeping

But, even though the safety of babies while they are sleeping is extremely important to avoid any accidents, the truth is, it is not necessary to watch your baby for long hours if you take certain aspects in consideration that will make this moment completely safe for them.

The first aspect you’ll need to consider to keep your baby safe while sleeping is the position he or she sleeps. For example, at least until they turn one year old, they need to sleep on their back or face up at all times, even if they’re just having a nap.

Specialists say that “this position is the most indicated to prevent the sudden infant death syndrome”, contrary to when they sleep on their sides because this position makes it easier for them to turn over their stomachs increasing the risk of asphyxia.

Unlike some people may believe, the fact that babies sleep face up, do not increase the risk of choking, because this position doesn’t affect their respiratory tract, in fact, their respiratory tract is made in a way is completely safe for babies to sleep in this position.

In other hands, the place where a baby sleeps and the stuff he or she has in there is equally important to consider. The ideal is for babies to sleep on a firm surface, no matter if it is in a crib, a bassinet or a baby playpen; the important thing is that the mattress is firm enough and that it fits perfectly in the crib, bassinet or playpen; and that the sheets are well tight.

How to Keep Your Baby Safe When Sleeping

If your baby sleeps face up, but has already learned how to turn around on their own and has found a comfy position, it is not necessary for you to place them face up again.

What is truly important is that inside the crib or the place the baby sleeps

there are no pillows, little blankets, stuff animals, crib protectors or any object that may block their movement or breathing.

The ideal will be for babies to sleep with a baby romper or a pajama warm enough for them, so you don’t have to tuck them in with a blanket, however, if you completely need to do it, you can wrap them up in a blanket in a way that they are tight but not so much,

at least until they’ve learned how to turn around, in this case, you won’t need to wrap them up anymore.

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