When Is The Right Time For A Baby To Stop Sleeping In A Crib?

The transition of a baby sleeping in a crib to a baby or a child sleeping in bed is a decision that depends most of all on the development of the child, and the preferences of the parents. The usual thing is for babies to stop sleeping in a crib around the year and a half, or when they turn 2, however, every family is different, and every kid is different, so it doesn’t always happen this way.

Commonly, this is a difficult step for a baby to make, because they feel safer sleeping on a crib, so they’ll need a lot of your help and support as a parent to make this transition. This is a significant step for their developing process, so it is important for you to help them understand that the bed will be a better place for them to sleep.

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However, you should not force them to do it if they don’t feel ready for it. They will tell you when they are willing, and you’ll see the signs, so, there is no such thing as a particular age, because it will all depend on how safe your child feels. Try to make this transition as easy as you can for your baby, taking (forgive the redundancy) baby steps. For example, if you see that your child is always climbing and jumping out of the crib, then this is a clear sign he or she is ready to the next step, sleeping on a bed.

You can start by giving them the chance to take their naps in bed so that they can get used to it. When you see they can take their naps in the bed with no problem at all, you’ll now they are ready to sleep the night in their bed too.

Right Age For a Baby to Stop Sleeping in a Crib?

Some parents put bars or rails on the new bed, some other use pillows around the child, just to make sure they won’t fall out of the bed when they are learning how to sleep there. The important thing is for them to have a big enough bed that allows them to move and not to fall.

They will probably wake up a few times during the night, asking to sleep in their crib, or for someone (mom or dad) to sleep with them in the bed and keeping company. It is important for you to stay firm and tell them they’ll have to sleep on their bed, or that the crib is no longer there, but, the very first days and while they are adjusting to this new stage of their lives, a little company won’t hurt them.

It is fine if you want to stay with your child for a little while until he or she falls asleep again. Even though it can be a little bit exhausting, this can make the adjustment process a lot easier,

so you’ll see that very soon they will have no problem at all sleeping on their beds.

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