Should You Decor Your Baby’s Room According To The Gender?

Decor Your Baby’s Room

It is very common that when it comes to a baby’s room, this is decor according to the baby’s gender. “If it is a girl then you’ll see a lot of pink, princesses, and ballerinas, and if it is a boy then you’ll see a lot of blue, cars or something related to sports”.

Even though most of these rooms are actually adorable, experts now recommend trying using more neutral colors or some other themes different to the usual.

Decor Your Baby’s Room

 It can be a little bit overwhelming to enter a room a find out everything in there is pink, this is why decorators and psychologists now think this doesn’t make a lot of sense these days, and that is actually a bit old fashioned.

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The tendencies right now indicate that it is better to give a contemporary look to the baby’s room, by using neutral colors such as a light yellow, cream or a light purple. Also, they recommend choosing one neutral color that can be the principal color in the bedroom, and one or a few secondary colors to combine it. You can also choose colors such as turquoise, orange or green because all of these colors can be used both for girls and for boys.

Neutral doesn’t have to be boring. You can choose a light color for the walls and furniture, such as cream, beige or a not so dark brown, and then use colorful accessories such as blankets, toys, and bedding accessories. This way you can give a touch of color to your baby’s room, without being too overwhelming, is all about finding balance.

Decor Your Baby’s Room

 Psychologists also think,

it is better not to decor the baby’s bedroom with objects that are specifically related or associated to a gender

But to seek for objects and toys suitable for both boys and girls, so we can allow them to have free of mind, and they can choose exactly what is that they like. Kids tend to develop step by step their sexual identity between the ages of 4 and 6, so is important for them not being

Kids tend to develop step by step their sexual identity between the ages of 4 and 6, so is important for them not being the condition to a social stereotype.

Baby Room Themes and Colors

Besides, nowadays there are so many different themes to decorate a baby’s room, that won’t even have the chance to think about the typical princess’ room or sports player room.

For example – you can choose themes like animals, suitable for boys and girls, a crayola theme which you’ll find lots of ideas on the internet for DIY decors, music, airplanes or aerostatic balloons, or you can even make the walls look like if they sleep in heaving, by painting the walls with really light blue and even drawing clouds.

So yes, there are many themes and ideas for you to décor your baby’s room that do not include the typical pink and blue, and that will make a really comfy space for them to rest and play, explore and even learn a bunch of stuff. But, if you truly like princesses and cars, no problem at all, choose whatever makes you happy and what you think it will make your baby happy.

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